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All versions of Odin Download (Android 10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat)

Although other mobiles have a regular fastboot to flash TWRP or Firmware, Samsung has a unique way of comparing it with other mobiles, and it is an simple process. For Samsung mobile phones, ODIN is a specified flashing function. The software is easy to use so that even a beginner can download the app and flash its device without requiring any tutorial. The official Samsung Firmware Flashing Tool for computers running on Windows OS is Samsung Odin3 or Odin (for short).The ODIN flashing tool is the best software to use if you are planning on installing a Stock Firmware or TWRP on any Samsung mobile. Interestingly, there is free access to all versions of the Odin app; all you need is to download it from a verified source / host website.


Installing firmware binaries (BL, AP, CP, CSC [CSC and HOME CSC], and PIT) or recovery images with .tar or .md5 extensions is easy with the Odin flash tool. Unfortunately, as it is specially made for Windows OS, Mac users can't use this tool.

In addition, ODIN is the best tool on Samsung mobile devices to flash firmware, root files, or install custom ROM. Both versions of Odin will be mentioned, including customized versions as well. Rooting a Samsung computer just got better by using the Odin app.There is, however, a Bootloader mode plus other modes such as Fastboot and Recovery embedded in a single interface while several of the Android devices are down. Samsung Galaxy devices seem to be different because to boot the device into the Download mode or recovery mode, you would prefer to hold down a few keys.

Supporting versions - All Samsung Galaxy series.

Pre-requisites for the Odin App to use

To act as a guide; take care of the following things before using the Odin app to flash or root any mobile device from Samsung;

  • The battery percentage of the Samsung system must be above 50%.
  • Backup the files and everything on the device.
  • Install Samsung USB Driver.

Nougat, oreo, Pie, Android 10 And Other All Version

Keep in mind that most Samsung phones differ and each needs different rooting & flashing procedures with custom ROMs >>> Install Odin

Kingo Root Download - Basic Guide to One click Root

With more danger, more power comes! Rooting should run in the correct order with rights instructions. It could BRICK your Android device if you fail to obey the order. If you are new to rooting, we suggest ONE CLICK ROOT service to provide the best rooting help. From the beginning, it will lead the process to the right end.