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All versions of Odin Download (Android 10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat)

The latest versions of Odin are constantly being released to support the newest firmware images from Samsung. Supports latest Samsung devices, including Samsung Galaxy S20, Z Flip, Z Fold 2, A71, Note 20. Samsung Odin and Odin 3 are the official Samsung Firmware Flashing Tools for Windows Os that you can install TWRP or Stock Firmware on a Samsung mobile phone.

With the firmware binary (CP, BL, AP, PIT, CSC [Home CSC] or .tar or md5 extensions it is easy to use the Odin Flash Tool to install recovery images, root the file, flash the firmware and install custom ROMs. Each version of the app has free access, and you will need to download the source code from the relevant hosting website.

To flash a firmware image to update to the latest version of Android 11, download the latest version of Odin.


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How to use Odin App on Samsung Smartphones

Using Odin is very helpful when updating or installing the firmware on your Samsung mobile phone. However, there are things you need to know before using the Odin app. So when you download Odin, be sure to do so in advance.

Using Odin to Root a Samsung Device

How to use TWRP to install forced _encryption _disabler, Magisk, non-verity-opt-encrypt, RMM State By-Pass on Samsung Galaxy devices?

Supporting versions - All Samsung Galaxy series.

Unroot process using Magisk


If you do any installation or flashing process on Samsung devices using the Odin tool, both actions are the same. Here you need to download your firmware file, patch your AP file and then flash it with the other firmware files. The fixed startup images have to be lit before that process. You will then have the ability to install TWRP based on your model number.

How to download the Odin Flash Tool?

Using Odin to Flash Firmware