Odin Download for Windows


Odin Download for Windows 3.14.4

Odin3 for Windows PC is an updated version by Comsy that has been released with several new improvements, such as installing custom ROMs, Stock OTA, and Samsung smartphone customization firmware files. These features are not currently available on Android devices. To install a new firmware, the computer is rooted and custom recovery installed. You should check the developer's guide because of the different installation processes on different phones.To use the Odin Samsung 3 update, you will need to install USB drivers.

PC Features for Odin

Error & Bug Fixer

The latest version of Samsung Odin3 v3.12.10 has the potential to fix bugs, delete the FLASH option, fix 8 G tar bugs, and add Customer Services pop-up alerts.

Odin 3 v3.10.7

Version Odin3 v3.10.7 has been published for the flash stock ROM update tool on any Samsung smartphone. A direct connection for downloading is accessible through the download area.

Process of Odin Download

Installing Process Odin Download

Fixing of Errors

Odin Download - Windows Version