KingoRoot Android, How to Root Samsung in One Click

Since Samsung entered the smartphone market on the first day, it is on the top smartphone market list. It's not the first game to be played on the high-end Android handset, but its initial effort has brought a huge hit. As the leader of its fellow competitors, Samsung is not only a market leader in innovation and proactive adaptation to the needs of the consumer; it is also a brand with high ambitions and considerable momentum towards the industrial standard.
Most of the top-sale list of Android devices has been occupied by Samsung line products. With such wide popularity, rooting Samsung among its users, fans, and developers becomes the hottest concern.

King Root for Windows

Windows' KingoRoot Android has the highest success rate. It supports almost each device and version of Android.

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KingoRoot for Android

KingoRoot for Android is the most convenient and powerful apk root tool. Root any device and version of Android without connecting to PCs.

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Root Samsung without connection to a PC via Kingo Root APK

IMPORTANT Please try KingoRoot.apk first. Your device may use this app to root without a computer.

  • Enable the unknown sources in setting menu.
  • Download a file from KingoRoot.apk to your device.
  • Install and launch Kingo Root at the moment of download finish.
  • When you see the button, press 'One Click Root'.
  • Wait until the result is visible to you.
  • If the root failed for different rooting methods, it is better to try more than once.
  • Refer to Kingo Root Android (PC Venison), which has a higher success rate than app, if it still failed many times after being tried.

How does KingoRoot Android root Samsung in one click?

IMPORTANT: Please backup your important data first before you proceed.

  • Prepare your USB cable (the recommended stock one) within your reach for your Samsung device. Connection to the Internet is required.
  • KingoRoot Android is free to download, install and launch on your computer.
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  • Install and launch the KingoRoot Android PC version after the download is finished.

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  • Connect your Samsung device over a USB cable to your computer. Make certain that the connection is stable. Do not touch or unplug the cable till the end.
  • (Skip to the next step if you have already installed driver software on your PC) Kingo Android Root will automatically check the driver for your device after connecting to the computer, and if it is not installed on your PC, it will download and install it for you. When the installation of the driver is finished, the program establishes a connection to your device.
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  • (Si vous avez déjà activé le mode de débogage USB, passez à l'étape suivante) Vous pouvez maintenant activer manuellement le débogage USB sur votre appareil en suivant les instructions détaillées sur l'interface Kingo Android Root en fonction de votre version Android. Une fois activés, tant que vous disposez de notifications ROOT et d'un bouton ROOT, le nom du modèle de votre appareil et son statut racine apparaîtront sur le logiciel.
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  • Pour commencer à rooter votre appareil, cliquez sur ROOT après avoir réalisé les risques et les conséquences possibles du comportement d'enracinement Android. L'achèvement du processus prend quelques minutes. Le temps requis par la méthode varie de diverses conditions objectifs tels que la connexion, le réseau, les modèles de téléphone et tout le reste. Si cela prend un peu plus de temps, ne paniquez pas.
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  • KingoRoot vous obtenez une note de réussite si elle réussit, ce qui se produit dans la plupart des cas.

King Root for Windows

Le KingoRoot Android de Windows a le taux de réussite le plus élevé. Il prend en charge presque tous les appareils et versions d'Android.

KingoRoot for Android

KingoRoot pour Android est l'outil de racine apk le plus pratique et le plus puissant. Rooter n'importe quel appareil et version d'Android sans se connecter à des PC.